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Kona 3

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The Kona 3 is the PPG version of the Buzz Z7, sharing the same technology, cutting-edge performance, comfort and ease of use. It is the perfect cross-over wing that excels whether flown under power or in free flight.

New planform with increased wing sweep for improved roll stability
New rib alignment for improved airflow and efficiency.
New tab positioning improves stability in accelerated flight.
New leading edge construction with more reinforcement and cleaner profile.
New line rigging for improved load-distribution to increase agility.
New panel shaping in the trailing edge for improved handling and brake response.
All of these refinements have improved flight characteristics and performance. The first thing you will notice is a more linear and direct response in the brakes and the resulting increase in agility and precision of handling. Top speed has also been increased, and glide performance improved throughout the accelerator range.

Above all else, the Kona 3 is easy to fly with intuitive, fun, progressive and precise feel through the brakes. It is highly compact, with perfectly coordinated roll and yaw for a sporty agile feel. Launching is a critical part of every flight, and we have paid particular attention to the ground-handling characteristics of the Kona 3. It inflates smoothly, without overshooting in higher winds and zero wind conditions there is no tendency to hang back.
All of these factors provide you with the confidence to progress and have fun, whether flying under power or in free-flight mode.

The Kona 3 is suitable for a wide range of pilots from talented beginners to the most experienced, it is ideal for those who fly between around 30-50 hours per year and enjoy free flying as much as powered flight. Owning dedicated wings for both disciplines is expensive, the Kona 3 offers the perfect balance in one package.

The Kona PPG risers feature a smooth trim system for comfortable high speed cruising when flying under power and a foot operated accelerator system to reach top speeds and when free flying. The risers also feature tip steering system and adjustable brake pulleys so the height can be set to make it compatible with any type of power unit.

Wings not in stock have varying lead times. Custom colors can be ordered for an additional fee. Please contact us at info@tuckergott.com for custom colors, sizing questions, or details on lead times.

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